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About HAFS

The HDC Home Application Fulfillment System (HAFS) revolutionises the way in which the Ministry of Housing and its Agencies interact with the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. It allows citizens to register with the Ministry and apply online via the Internet, for a new house, rental accommodation, squatter regularisation or home improvement loans.

What Can You Do In HAFS?

In HAFS, an applicant can:

  1. Register, that is, create an account with the Ministry of Housing
  2. Submit an Application for a housing solution (new home or rental accommodation)
  3. Become a Co-Applicant of an existing application
  4. Make changes to their housing Application
  5. View the status of their application.

Understanding the Process of Applying Online


Applying online for any of the services provided by the MOH and its Agencies is exactly the same as completing a manual application form and submitting it for processing. The major difference with applying via the Internet is that the application form is submitted electronically and is immediately entered into the Ministry's Housing Application Database System for processing. The services an applicant can apply for through the various Agencies are: new home mortgage, rental accommodation, home improvement loan and squatter regularisation.

Applying for a service online involves the following simple steps:

  1. Registering with the Ministry of Housing. The registration process allows the applicant to create an account along with a username and password that allows them access to their individual account in the HAFS database. Creating an account requires the entry of basic personal information by the applicant. The principal applicant and any co-applicants are each required to create an individual account.
  2. Updating Personal, Financial and Demographic information. After creating an account, the applicant completes entry of his/her personal, demographic and financial information. The financial information is critical as it is evaluated by HAFS to determine if an applicant financially qualifies for the service being requested. Both the principal and co-applicant(s) are required to enter their financial information.
  3. Create and submit an application. After creating an account, the principal applicant must enter and submit an application (form) for the service being requested. During this step, the principal applicant indicates the service required by selecting the appropriate application type and the Agency providing the service. For example, if an applicant is applying for a new home, he/she will select, "New Home Mortgage" as the Service/Solution required and either "National Housing Authority" or "Sugar Industries Labour Welfare Committee" as the Agency providing the service. The information required to complete an application is dependent on the service being requested. Thus, some application forms will take longer to complete as additional information must be entered. Upon submission, an application is assigned a unique Application Reference Number that will be used by the principal applicant to access the application. If the principal applicant is the only applicant, the application is completed and ready for processing by the relevant Agency. Otherwise, proceed to Step 4.
  4. Becoming a Co-Applicant of an application requires each co-applicant to attach his/her account to an existing application. The principal applicant must provide the co-applicant with the Application Reference Number of the application to which they are to become a co-applicant. Once each co-applicant has attached his/her account to the application, the application is completed and ready for processing by the relevant Agency.